Watch the Trailer for ‘Utopia Falls’, the Sci-Fi Dystopian Dance Show From Hulu

     February 6, 2020

If you’re anything like me, you walked out of The Giver thinking, “Man, if only the post-apocalyptic society had been built around a dance competition.” I also walked out of The Hunger Games wishing it had been more like West Side Story, walked out of The Maze Runner imagining the heights it could have reached as a season of Dancing With the Stars, and just sort of walked out of Divergent. If for some inexplicable reason you’ve experienced all those same thoughts, then you are in luck – Hulu has just released the first trailer for their upcoming sci-fi young adult dystopian dance series Utopia Falls.

The show, which premiers on the streaming service February 14, takes place in the distant future society of New Babyl, wherein impossibly attractive young people form dance teams and compete with each other to see who can pay their founders the most glorious tribute. But one group of competitors receives a mysterious invitation to travel outside of the city limits, where they discover a cache of artifacts called the Archive (voiced by Snoop Dogg) that appears to contain every work of art ever created. Within the Archive, the characters stumble upon hip-hop music and dance, and begin incorporating it into their performances, which threatens to bring down the entire society. For some reason.

The trailer leaves out a lot of crucial details. For instance, it isn’t clear exactly what forms of expression are restricted in New Babyl, considering our main characters are a group of highly skilled dancers. We see some random paintings in the Archive, as well as a magnifying glass, a Busta Rhymes video, and a book of fairy tales. I have no idea what all of those things have in common, but as one of the characters defiantly announces, their introduction into New Babyl is an act of extreme rebellion. To say Utopia Falls looks utterly ridiculous would be an understatement so massive that it is considered a felony in most states. But the dance choreography is impressive, and the show’s premise is so wildly outside-the-box that all of its considerable absurdity might come together to make for a fun watch. Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself. All 10 episodes of Utopia Falls will be available on Hulu February 14.