New V/H/S: VIRAL Red Band Trailer Keeps the Film’s Surprises Under Wraps

     September 18, 2014


In the interest of full disclosure I have worked with and am close with several of the creatives on V/H/S: Viral, so I hope you’ll still trust me when I say that this film is indeed a worthy addition to the franchise.  Each V/H/S film has their own tone.  The first one focussed on straight-ahead horror that was shocking and dark.  V/H/S/2 opened up the scope and specialized in grandiose set pieces.  V/H/S: Viral focusses on showing you a good time.  It’s a lot of fun and moves fast and is surprisingly funny.  The wraparound segment is also radically different from the first two films.

Hit the jump to check out this gory red-band trailer that actually manages not to spoil too much.  There’s still plenty of carnage left to discover (you can also hit up the international trailer).  The film was directed by Justin Benson, Gregg Bishop, Aaron Moorhead, Marcel Sarmiento and Nacho Vigalondo.  V/H/S: Viral will be available on iTunes/On Demand on October 23rd and hits theaters on November 21st.

Trailer courtesy of IGN:


V/H/S: Viral Red Band Trailer

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