Stars Wars VR Game ‘Vader Immortal III’ Release Date, New Details for the VR Game Revealed

     October 31, 2019


VR fans and Star Wars fans alike will be pleased to know that some fun new details about Vader Immortal: Episode III have finally been released. It’s been about a month since we heard about Vader Immortal but that was in regard to the second installment which was teased at the Oculus Connect 6 event in September.

One of the biggest projects undertaken by ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm to date, this David S. Goyer-penned trilogy featuring one of the biggest villains in the franchise, Darth Vader, is coming to an end in spectacular fashion and it will be available so, so soon. Per a new blog entry on the Star Wars websiteVader Immortal: Episode III will be released on November 21 for Oculus Quest and Rift platforms. For those keeping track, Episode III is being released just two months after Vader Immortal: Episode II. Talk about putting the proverbial pedal to the metal, ILMxLAB!

Vader Immortal: Episode III director Ben Snow also shared some exciting new details about where the story is going in this exciting third and final installment in the Star Wars blog post. He shares:

Vader Immortal: Episode III begins with Vader having seized the powerful Bright Star artifact, and returned to his castle to activate it. Working with your droid companion ZO-E3 and the Mustafarians, you need to get back up to the castle and try to stop Vader before he destroys life on Mustafar. This involves you discovering more about the power of your bloodline and using that to fight your way through Imperial forces as you break back into Vader’s castle. You even have a run-in with a familiar foe from a previous episode. Ultimately, you’ll have to confront Vader face-to-face and try to stop his plans.”

A face-to-face with one of the baddest dudes in the galaxy? In VR? Sign me up, please and thanks. Snow also shared some in-depth insights about what players can expect from the world and flow of the game.

“We leaned heavily into the action on Episode II, and in Episode III we sustain that while incorporating even more storytelling as our greater three-episode story arc comes to its climax and conclusion. This makes for a slightly longer episode, but there is a lot going on. In addition to the ancient lightsaber and Force powers that we’ve acquired in the previous episodes, you are able to grab and use blasters dropped by stormtroopers, fight air-to-air on skiffs, and start a battle in Vader’s castle between The Marching Horde droid army and the Imperial battalion stationed on Mustafar.”

The Vader Immortal VR game saga may be coming to an end, but if Snow’s comments are anything to go by, it’ll be going out on a high note.

Vader Immortal: Episode III will be available on Oculus Quest and Rift on November 21. For more on what’s happening in the world of Star Wars, check out our most recent coverage on the final trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.

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