‘Valley of the Dinosaurs’: The ‘Land of the Lost’ Cartoon You Never Knew You Needed

     March 14, 2020

Listen / download here:

Need a break from coronavirus craziness? Then take a trip with the Saturday Mourning Cartoons team as we head back in time to the prehistoric era to visit the Valley of the Dinosaurs! This Hanna-Barbera cartoon is but the latest in our long line of dinosaur-themed animated series (though there are probably still many more out there for us to tackle). It also has a curious tie into the popular live-action series Land of the Lost: Not only do the cartoon and the TV show have an almost identical premise in common, they both premiered on the exact same day (but two different networks) back in 1974. Does it hold up today? You’ll have to listen in to find out for sure, but Valley of the Dinosaurs did deliver a surprisingly solid action-adventure story, which is a rare find these days.

Image via Hanna-Barbera

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