‘Valorant’ Act II Details Emerge Ahead of Tomorrow’s Release Date

     August 3, 2020


Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant is about to kick off Act II, bringing forth a new agent, a Battlepass chock full of exclusive unlockables, a new skinline, and a new Deathmatch mode for players to take on.

First up, the Battlepass will grant access to unique unlockables available only with this Act II pick-up. Launching tomorrow with the rest of the update, this will set you back 1,000 VP but will also give you access to a ton of goodies. If it’s the action you’re focused on, look to Deathmatch, the new free-for-all game mode; the fast-paced mode will give a win to the first player to rack up 30 kills, or the most kills at 6 minutes. (Free-for-all Deathmatch will launch in a Beta window the day after Act II goes live, and if everything looks stable, the Devs will keep it switched on! More on Deathmatch below.) Finally, for the fashion-conscious, a new line of bright, colorful, dystopian skins will be available as Glitchpop options.

Here’s everything that’s coming to Valorant this week:


Image via Riot Games

Act II Battlepass:

The VALORANT Act II Battlepass is a way to customize your VALORANT experience. The Act II Battlepass will contain a series of unique unlockables, including gun skins, gun buddies, sprays, player cards, player titles, and Radianite Points. These unlockables are only available with the Act 2 Battlepass.


The Battlepass will launch on August 4 and cost 1000 VP.


Free-for-all Deathmatch is the new game mode that debuts during Act II and gives dedicated gunslingers a chance to test their flicks. Ten players. No abilities. Infinite money. Leave the Spike at home.

Glitchpop Skinline:

Glitchpop is a skinline that leans into a dystopian future where death has no consequence and comes to life through bright, colorful skins and a playful but deadly attitude. There are Glitchpop skins for Frenzy, Odin, Bulldog, Judge, and melee.


Glitchpop will be available in VALORANT on August 4.

Want to check out the skins a day early? Watch the trailer below:

We now pause your regularly scheduled programming for a special message from our new sponsors. Glitchpop skins available in the store August 4. Created in partnership with We Are Royale.


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Additional Deathmatch details are as follows, courtesy of Riot Games:

Match: Respawning free-for-all deathmatch!

  • Objective: First to 30 kills, or most kills at 6 minutes.
  • Loadouts: Players can practice gunplay with whatever weapon they want.
    • Players can buy whatever gun they want, and can swap at any time.
    • Players spawn with heavy armor.
    • Players can’t buy or use abilities.
  • Respawn: Fast respawns that selects ideal spawn points
    • Dynamic respawn point selection.
      • Spawn points don’t have enemies in or close to line of sight.
      • Spawn points have their backs to the wall.
      • Spawn points aren’t too far from action.
    • 3 second respawn timer.
    • Respawn with 8 seconds of invulnerability that goes away on movement/firing.
      • Protects players to let them swap weapons.
  • Drop-out: Players can drop out at any time by selecting Leave Match from the options menu.
    • They don’t receive XP for the game.
  • Health Packs: Every death drops a health pack that expires after 10 seconds.
    • Running over the health pack instantly restores you to full 100/50 health.
    • This allows players to heal, and encourages movement & aggression.
  • UAV: Every 5 seconds, a radar sweep reveals the current location of all enemies.
    • This helps discourage corner camping and enables players to move through space quickly.
  • Kill banners: ceremonies (double, triple, …) are time-gated instead of life-gated.
    • After every kill, there’s a window of time for another kill to be secured for the streak to continue.

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