Meet Killjoy, ‘Valorant’s Newest Agent

     July 29, 2020

KILLJOY /// Germany


“Relax, I’ve already thought of everything.”


Killjoy arrives in VALORANT Act II. The latest Agent is a genius inventor that brings the chill of the Berlin nightlife and deploys her killer tech for some potent defensive impact. Outsmart your opponents or lock down an area for a stress-free Spike plant.

Riot Games’ Valorant is gearing up for Act II, starting August 4th. Joining the party for the summer launch will be the new agent Killjoy, whom you just met in the teaser trailer above. Known as “the genius of Germany, Killjoy effortlessly secures key battlefield positions with her arsenal of inventions. If their damage doesn’t take her enemies out, the debuff her robots provide will make short work of them.”


Image via Riot Games

Need more? How about some tunes from the official Valorant Spotify account to get you into the game, now featuring Killjoy’s official playlist?

Here are some of the perks you can enjoy while playing as Killjoy:

Alarmbot – EQUIP a covert Alarmbot. FIRE to deploy a bot that hunts down enemies that get in range. After reaching its target, the bot explodes, applying Vulnerable. HOLD EQUIP to recall a deployed bot.

Turret – EQUIP a Turret. FIRE to deploy a turret that fires at enemies in a 180 degree cone. HOLD EQUIP to recall the deployed turret.

Nanoswarm – EQUIP a Nanoswarm grenade. FIRE to throw the grenade. Upon landing, the Nanoswarm goes covert. ACTIVATE the Nanoswarm to deploy a damaging swarm of nanobots.

• (Ultimate Ability) – Lockdown – EQUIP the Lockdown device. FIRE to deploy the device. After a long windup, the device Detains all enemies caught in the radius. The device can be destroyed by enemies.

Agent Contract (ie cosmetics):
• Three sprays
• Two Titles
• One Gun Buddy
• One Player Card
• Killjoy Agent


Image via Riot Games


Image via Riot Games


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