‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ Are Finally Crossing Over Again; Get the Details

     January 10, 2016


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When the Mikaelson clan left Mystic Falls behind and set up shop in New Orleans, it was an exciting opportunity for The Vampire Diaries fans to get a weekly double dose of dashing bloodsuckers and supernatural showdowns, but if there was a downside it’s that The Original Family rarely gets to interact with their sometimes friends, mostly foes, the Salvatores & Co. Fortunately, Vampire Diaries and The Originals showrunner Julie Plec is putting an end to the dry spell this year with a two-night crossover event.

While at the TCA press tour, Plec shared some details of the upcomming crossover episodes, which will see Stefan seeking refuge in the New Orleans local bar, the St. James  Infirmary — a spot that is immune to magic, and therefore untraceable — before teaming up with his old frienemy Klaus to take care of some mutual business.


Image via The CW

Plec explained the decision to finally deliver another crossover (though I’m sure the recent success of The CW’s Flash and Arrow crossovers didn’t hurt),

“[F]or the first time we had the opportunity where we could actually send one of our characters to New Orleans with purpose and with good reason. It’s born out of a stortliune on The Vampire Diaries in which Stefan finds himself very much in need of a mystical safe haven and…comes face to face with Klaus Michelson, of course, because nothing happens in Klaus’s town without Klaus knowing. So we get to play – I call it the reunion of the bourbon buddies – over two episodes.”

Those episodes will be the 14th episode of The Vampire Diaries 7th season and the 15th episode of The Originals 3rd Season, but while the crossover will include episodes from both series, don’t expect to see any Originals characters pop up in Mystic Falls. Plec clarified,

“The first half Stefan goes to New Orleans and comes face to face with Klaus and then in The Originals side of it Stefan remains to help Klaus clear up some business that he’s dealing with at the moment that actually has a direct impact on Stefan himself.”


Image via The CW

But what of Caroline, Stefan’s most recent ladylove and the former object of Klaus’ affection? In short, don’t expect a Klaroline reunion, but it sounds like she’s going to cast a shadow over the reunion between Klaus and Stefan. Plec played coy about whether Caroline would join in on the New Orleans excursion, but said she will have “an involvement in the way [they’ve] chosen to dramatize the crossover.”

Speaking with E Online, she clarified,

“They still have this singular person in common, Caroline, and we can explore that. I think it’ll be really satisfying for people who liked the Stefan-Klaus dynamic and are curious about what Klaus might think about Stefan and Caroline being a couple.”

Well, here’s to the return of “The Bourbon Buddies” anyway! The Vampire Diaries and The Originals to The CW in their new Friday night slot beginning Jan. 29.


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