Van Robichaux and Evan Susser Tapped to Rewrite THE JETSONS

     February 7, 2012


The live-action feature film adaptation of The Jetsons has been lingering in development for over a decade now, and a couple of writers have just been tapped to perform a new rewrite. Variety reports that Van Robichaux and Evan Susser are now set to pen a new draft of the script. The writing duo are behind the Star Wars-themed Black List script Chewie. Last summer, producer Denise Di Novi talked about why The Jetsons feature has been so tough to crack:

“Part of it is that every couple of years, the genre kind of changes.  I really credit Jeff Robinov at Warner Bros. with this. In choosing Christopher Nolan to do Batman, he really exploded the expectations on adapting all these kinds of titles.  The pressure is on to really make them the coolest movies, and not the cornball cartoon movies. Every couple years it’s changed what they thought the movie should be and I’m hoping now we’re hitting it at the right time. I’ve never given up on that movie.”

Robert Rodriguez was previously attached to direct, but he’s no longer involved. I’m incredibly excited about the prospect of a live-action Jetsons feature, but I also understand that it’s a super hard tone to nail down. Hopefully Robinchaux and Susser have a strong vision for the pic.

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