First Images from Brad Anderson’s VANISHING ON 7TH STREET

     May 18, 2010

When I first heard about Vanishing on 7th Street a few months back, I was intrigued. First of all, it follows a group of people suffering through the aftermath of the mass, unexplained disappearance of seemingly everyone else in the world: an awesome concept that’s right up my alley. Add to that a really cool director in Brad Anderson (The Machinist) and you’ve got something that should rate pretty high on the flicks-to-watch-for meter.  But ultimately, you just never know until you see some kind of visual evidence.

Well, now we’ve got some. Quiet Earth has the first five stills from the film and while there’s not a whole lot going on in most of them, they are freaking gorgeous, absolutely oozing stylish creepiness. Vanishing, which should drop some time in 2010, is officially one of my most anticipated films of the year.  Hit the jump to check out the images.  Vanishing on 7th Street stars Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton, and John Leguizamo.

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