THE KILLING Executive Producer Veena Sud to Write and Direct Remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s SUSPICION

     February 13, 2012


Apparently mining Alfred Hitchcock material is all the rage at the moment. Last week we learned that DreamWorks and Working Title are cooking up a new adaptation of Rebecca, and now Paramount is looking to adapt Suspicion. Hitchcock’s 1941 film was based on Francis Illes’s 1932 novel Before the Fact and starred Joan Fontaine and Cary Grant (Fontaine won an Oscar for her performance). Variety reports that Paramount has set Veena Sud, executive producer/showrunner of the AMC series The Killing, to pen the screenplay and direct.

The story centers on “a dowdy young woman” who marries an irresponsible charmer and then begins to suspect that her husband plans to kill her. The pic is Sud’s first foray into feature films, as her television career includes work on CBS’s Cold Case and ABC’s Push, Nevada. I enjoyed the first few episodes of The Killing, but the Twin Peaks similarities and reliance on red herrings became irksome. Sud is an undeniably talented writer, and it’ll be interesting to see her take on Suspicion. Whether Sud will be going back to the original novel or if the film is a straight remake of Hitchcock’s is unspecified. In any case, a synopsis for Illes’s book is included after the jump.

Here’s the synopsis for Before the Fact:

Described on its first publication in 1932 as ‘one of the finest studies of murder ever written’, Before the Fact tells the tale of wealthy but plain Lina Mclaidlaw, who marries the charming and feckless Johnny Aysgarth against the advice of her father. Lina is certain she can change him for the better, until she is forced to acknowledge that he is a compulsive liar, a crook and a murderer. But still she loves him, while fearing she will inevitably become one of his victims. [Amazon].


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