The Dark TV Worlds of ‘The Stranger’ Filmmaker Veena Sud

     August 20, 2020

Filmmaker Veena Sud’s name is synonymous with dark and moody television – which is precisely what made her such a great fit for Quibi’s The Stranger. The thriller series begins ominously – Maika Monroe plays a driver for a rideshare company who has only just moved to Los Angeles and goes to pick up an odd man at a fancy house. The man, played by Dane DeHaan, is charming enough on the drive until he reveals to Monroe’s character that he’s actually a psychotic killer. And that’s all in the first episode.

Creating tension onscreen is easier said than done, and Sud has a lot of experience grappling with dark themes on television in a way that’s effective and dynamic. Below, we take a closer look at the dark TV worlds of Veena Sud, the threads that connect them, and why they culminate in The Stranger.