Rhea Seehorn Reveals What It Was Like to Shoot the ‘Veep’ Series Finale

     July 2, 2020

Better Call Saul‘s Rhea Seehorn will always be remembered for her role in what many consider to be one of TV’s greatest contemporary dramas. But in case you didn’t know, she was also in what many people consider to be one of TV’s greatest contemporary comedies: the HBO Emmys juggernaut Veep, an experience which Seehorn cherished: “I kept pinching myself every day.”

In an upcoming interview as part of our Collider Connected video series, Seehorn discusses getting to join the Julia Louis-Dreyfus-led ensemble for several episodes of the final season, which she shot during the hiatus between Better Call Saul Seasons 4 and 5. As Michelle, deputy campaign manager to Selina Meyer’s political rival Tom James (Hugh Laurie), Seehorn not only had to go toe-to-toe with Louis-Dreyfus in several scenes (including a memorable rant where Selina calls Michelle “the gash of least resistance”) but got to be there for the final day of filming.


Image via AMC

“Julia Louis-Dreyfus is more of a genius, more generous, and more beautiful than you can imagine, if you’re as big of a fan of her as I am,” Seehorn says. “It’s devastating, like a energy force that comes off of her. You can’t even believe she exists. She’s amazing. And generous, perfectly happy to make sure someone else — could be a day player, could be me — gets the laugh.”

Filming the final episodes of the series, Seehorn says, became an increasingly emotional experience as more and more past and present members of the cast and crew began showing up. “So at Video Village where you’re watching the scenes, which is usually like six to eight people, started to be 25 and then 50. And then like 200.”

So there were a ton of people around on the very last day of shooting: “Everyone who’s ever worked on the show is in tears and watching, waiting for the last sentence that [Louis-Dreyfus] will ever say as Selena. I literally thought I won, like, the Make A Wish Foundation. I’m not supposed to be here at all.”

Then, when it came time for Seehorn’s contribution to the scene, she revealed with a laugh, “Of course, I completely fumbled my line. I had one tiny line and I made a mess of it and they had to cut and start over and I will be forever thankful that I was in it, but I’m glad they didn’t fire me.”

Watch the video above for the full story of that day. For Seehorn’s thoughts on other roles, check out what makes Kim Wexler different from the character she played on TNT legal dramedy Franklin and Bash, as well as the other Collider Connected interviews we’ve done with showrunner Peter Gould and the ever-fascinating Giancarlo Esposito.