‘Venom 2’: Woody Harrelson Gets a Glow Up in First-Look Image Shared by Tom Hardy

     February 17, 2020


UPDATE: Whelp, it looks like Tom Hardy deleted the image, so stay tuned. Original story below:

Woody Harrelson makes his credited Venom debut in the upcoming sequel, but based on a first look image his character Cletus Kasady has had a bit of a makeover. Harrelson showed up in the post-credits scene to the 2018 Marvel Comics adaptation Venom, playing a supervillain from the Spider-Man comics named Cletus who became the first and most well-known host of the evil symbiote known as Carnage. The scene was a bold move on Sony Pictures’ part, as they weren’t quite sure if Venom would even hit big enough with audiences to warrant a sequel. Lucky for them, the PG-13 movie was a smashing success, grossing over $856.1 million worldwide and spurring Sony to hit the fast-forward button on a follow-up.


Image via Sony Pictures

Venom 2 is currently in production with Tom Hardy reprising his role as Eddie Brock/Venom, who basically assumed the mantle of an anti-hero in the first Venom movie. Indeed, since Sony is sharing the character of Spider-Man with Marvel Studios in MCU-produced Spider-Man movies, they couldn’t muddy the waters (yet) by roping Tom Holland into the fold. As a result, Hardy’s Eddie Brock was both hero and villain of Venom for a time, but that movie’s true Big Bad was Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake who became Riot. In the end, Eddie learned to live in harmony with his murderous symbiote buddy, establishing a new franchise for Sony’s own little Marvel Comics universe.

Andy Serkis took over the director’s chair for Ruben Fleischer on the sequel, and it appears that one of the changes he’s made is related to Cletus Kasady’s hair. If you’ll recall, for the character’s post-credits cameo Harrelson sported a truly ridiculous wig that brought Cletus’ iconic red hair front and center. In a first look at Harrelson in Venom 2 (via Tom Hardy’s Instagram of all places), the character’s hair is more, uh, normal-looking. Which was a wise choice on Serkis’ part.

You can check out Woody Harrelson in Venom 2 below. The follow-up also finds Michelle Williams and Reid Scott reprising their roles from the first movie, while Naomie Harris is playing the character Shriek—a villain from the comics who’s also Kasady’s love interest. The Venom sequel is scheduled to hit theaters on October 2nd of this year.


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