This Cheeky ‘Venom’ Blu-ray Trailer Teases a Love Story for the Ages

     November 27, 2018


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has released the Blu-ray trailer for Venom, and they’re having a little fun with the impossibly successful Marvel Comics adaptation. While the Ruben Fleischer-directed film was a mostly serious take on the antihero, the movie did show shades of self-awareness here and there, especially when it came to Tom Hardy’s lead performance as both Eddie Brock and the symbiote Venom. Hardy seemed to know he was in a very silly movie, and while he took the material seriously, when you’re talking to a symbiote version of yourself, you can either try to play it cool or really swing for the fences. Hardy swung for the fences, and it made all the difference.

So instead of teasing the action or hardcore visuals, this Venom Blu-ray trailer focuses solely on the loving relationship between Eddie and Venom, in the style of a romantic comedy. It’s cute and silly and I love that Sony has a sense of humor about this whole thing. Since the film grossed over $800 million worldwide we’re definitely getting a sequel, and I do hope that follow-up leans more into this kind of self-awareness. Not Deadpool level, which would be overkill, but a bit less Limp Bizkit and a little more Weird Al wouldn’t hurt.

Check out the Venom Blu-ray trailer below. The film hits Digital HD on December 11th and Blu-ray on December 18th.


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