New ‘Venom’ Poster Is Black and Grey and Gooey All Over

     September 17, 2018


Sony Pictures has released a new Venom poster in anticipation of the release of the high-profile comic book adaptation. Fans have been curious to see a Venom movie for years, and Sony’s finally bringing it to them—albeit in PG-13 form. Zombieland and Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer is at the helm, pulling heavily from the comics arc Lethal Protector to tell an origin story of the symbiote’s relationship with journalist Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy.


Indeed, Venom has been teased as a two-hander of sorts between Brock and Venom, with Hardy also providing the voice of the symbiote. It’s not hard to see the draw there for Hardy as a performer—to play opposite himself—especially given the variety of accents he’s donned in the past. As a film, it remains to be seen if Venom delivers the goods. This poster is, well, fine, but none of the marketing really sticks out as something unique, inventive, or even particularly compelling.


That said, Venom has a significant fanbase, and it’ll be interesting to see if the film appeals directly to them in the way that Deadpool filled its own specific niche. Regardless, we’ll find out soon enough when the movie hits theaters on October 5th. Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, and Jenny Slate also star.



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