Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard Exclusive Video Interview ORPHAN

     July 20, 2009


What would you do if strange things started to happen when you brought home an adopted child? Would you think it was all coincidence, or would you think something was wrong with the girl? Because in director Jaume Collet-Serra’s new film “Orphan”, Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard have different reactions to what’s happening around them. In the film, they play parents who decide to adopt a young girl named Esther after losing their third child. Unfortunately for them, the child has some issues….

So to help promote the film, I sat down with the two stars and they talked about why this genre is so popular, Peter talks about some of his favorite films in the genre, and a lot more. Also, Vera talked about her work in Jason Reitman’s “Up in the Air” and Peter talked about his next film, “An Education”. Take a look after the jump:

Finally, if you’d like to watch some clips from “Orphan” click here. The film opens this Friday.

Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard

  • Brazil talk
  • The promotional process
  • We talk about the story
  • Peter talks about some of his favorite horror/thriller movies
  • Why is this genre so popular
  • The performances of the kids in the film
  • Vera talks about Up in the Air
  • Peter talks about An Education


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