Ryan Hansen on That Controversial ‘Veronica Mars’ Finale: “It Needed to Grow Up”

     February 10, 2020

Spoilers for the Veronica Mars Season 4 finale follow below.

Fans of Veronica Mars were thrown for a loop when, in the last moments of the final episode of the show’s fourth season, Logan (Jason Dohring) was killed in a car explosion. To have this fan favorite character and Veronica’s (Kristen Bell) primary love interest/best friend so abruptly killed off rubbed many fans the wrong way, and with no guarantee that a fifth season would happen, left a bittersweet taste for what could end up doubling as a series finale.

Given the controversial nature of the Season 4 finale, when Collider’s own Perri Nemiroff spoke with actor Ryan Hansen—who plays Dick on Veronica Mars—at the press junket for his new film Fantasy Island, she asked what he thought about the ending.

“Wow, well I do know that fans had a very hard time with it. But I feel like that’s the way the show was kind of heading and it needed to kind of grow up and do that kind of stuff. My character will never grow up so I hope we get to keep doing it and I get to be Dick.”


Veronica Mars (2014)
Ryan Hansen and Kristen Bell

Hansen echoes the sentiments of show creator and showrunner Rob Thomas, who previously explained his decision to kill off Jason as a necessity for the show to grow:

“I know what the show needs to be moving forward,” he stressed. “There are not many shows about kickass detectives and their boyfriend at home. It was tough getting Logan wrapped into the story this season… There’s a reason shows end when the couple gets together. I’m not going to start doing The Thin Man. It’s not going to be Veronica and Logan solving mysteries, so what is Logan doing in the show?”

Last summer, in the wake of the Season 4 airing on Hulu, Thomas expressed his desire to take Veronica Mars outside of Neptune in future seasons. That’s not a terrible idea, but the problem is Hulu has yet to order an additional season, and the longer they take the more likely it becomes that that tragic ending—with Logan’s violent death—is the lasting image Veronica Mars fans will have in their heads.

Bell is taking some time off work after wrapping up NBC’s The Good Place, so it’s possible that in the next few years she and Thomas get back together to continue Veronica’s story. I suppose at that point we’ll know for sure if Logan’s death really was necessary to move the story forward in a meaningful way, but until then that Season 4 finale remains one of the most controversial TV endings in recent memory.

For more from Hansen look for our full interview with the actor and the cast of Fantasy Island on Collider soon.