‘Versailles’: George Blagden and Alexander Vlahos on Their Complex Brotherly Dynamic

     October 12, 2016


Set against a backdrop of power, love, betrayal and war, the acclaimed 10-episode series Versailles is airing in the U.S. for the first time on Ovation TV. Exploring French history in a uniquely modern way, the story is set in 1667, when King Louis XIV (George Blagden) was a 28-year-old monarch and ruthless leader that would stop at nothing to seize absolute control of France and his enemies, all while his flamboyant brother Philippe (Alexander Vlahos) was causing a stir of his own.

During this exclusive interview with Collider, co-stars George Blagden and Alexander Vlahos talked about how they came to this show, never meeting each other before they were both cast, finding the complex brotherly dynamic, playing people who were so powerful, how they view the relationship between their characters, the modern feel of the story, how beautiful the sets and wardrobe are, and what it must have been like to only know life within a kingdom.