Exclusive ‘Versailles’ Season 3 Trailer Teases the Dramatic Final Episodes

     July 2, 2018


Murder! Lust! Courtly intrigue! Would you expect anything less from Versailles? Since Season 3 will be the series’ last (for shame!), you better believe it will be tripling down on the drama, including the introduction of the Man in the Iron Mask. Louis XIV (George Blagdon) is still on his quest for absolute power, which he believes has been ordained by God — which also puts him in opposition with Rome. But his brother, Prince Philippe (Alexander Vlahos), suspects that he is hiding something essential … something that could threaten the throne.

Versailles is one of the most purely fun historical-based series on TV, and if you’ve missed out I highly encourage catching up before the final season. It’s a poppy, often wonderfully bitchy retelling of one of the most vain, duplicitous, and resplendent monarchies in history — and it is très bon.

The final season of Versailles premieres October 6th on Ovation; check out the trailer below:

Here’s the official Season 3 synopsis:

In Season Three, Louis XIV (George Blagden) resolves to regain control of his own life, his precious Versailles, and France itself. But rebellion is in the air and new challenges are brewing inside Versailles, as well as outside. Emboldened by his new favorite, Madame de Maintenon (Catherine Walker), he won’t relent in his quest for absolute power, convinced of his own divine powers. Meanwhile, Queen Marie-Thérèse (Elisa Lasowski) becomes intimate with her cousin, Louis’ archenemy Leopold (Rory Keenan), and Prince Philippe (Alexander Vlahos) suspects his brother is hiding a dark secret that only a mysterious prisoner in an iron mask can corroborate.