Geek Gifts: VHS and Fully Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Tables

     April 10, 2012


Let’s face the cold, hard truth here: geeks need coffee tables.  Where else are we supposed to put our coffee/coke, video game controller, books, magazines, and feet?  The problem is, we geeks like to flaunt our nerdiness whenever possible, and there just aren’t many coffee table options that make this possible.  Enter: crafty geeks.  Two very awesome, very geek-friendly coffee tables have now come to our attention, crafted by some true visionaries in the art of coffee table-making.  The first is a collection of VHS-inspired tables, complete with scratched-out titles and “Insert This Side Into the Recorder” warnings, while the second is a fully functional Nintendo controller.

This is basically the Sophie’s Choice of coffee table decisions, as the VHS ones are simply gorgeous, but the Nintendo ones double as a table and a video game controller.  Both are beautiful works of art, though, and I highly encourage you to check them out in full detail.  Hit the jump for images and to find out how these can be yours.

Here’s the Nintendo controller, which you can purchase at Etsy (via Buzzfeed):





Here’s the VHS table. You can find purchasing information at Technabob (via Alex Billington’s Twitter):





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