‘Vice’: First Official Look at Christian Bale as Former Vice President Dick Cheney

     October 2, 2018


One of the most fascinating movies to emerge this year is Adam McKay’s Vice. The movie chronicles the rise of Dick Cheney and how he, though his eight years as the power behind the throne in the Bush Administration, was able to reshape America. McKay cast chameleon Christian Bale as Cheney, and now Vanity Fair has the first images of the Oscar-winning actor as the notorious politician.

Looking at these images, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Vice at least is in the running for a Best Makeup and Hairstyling Oscar. Bale looks like Cheney, but of course, the real test will come with trying to create the character, especially with someone as secretive as the former VP. McKay said that his approach to writing Cheney wasn’t to try and get a picture of him from every source possible:

“This script has been to really read every single thing that’s out there. I compare it to radio telescopy, where you kind of look at the gravitational pull on one star and go, ‘Wait a minute, there must be something there that’s causing that . . .’ It’s really like detective work. . . . So there’s just been a lot of minutiae and details that we’re constantly sifting through to try and put this story together. We know a lot about him, but there’s a lot most people don’t know, and it’s pretty jaw-dropping.”

McKay has also released the trailer teaser ahead of tomorrow’s trailer, and it will be interesting to see the tone they’ve landed on. But McKay believes that it’s important to tell Cheney’s story now because of what it says with regards to our current political climate:

“America didn’t get to the delightful place we’re at today by accident,” he said. “Someone had to crack the safe first. Someone who understood power and how to manipulate it. Someone no one would notice. An ultimate insider who knew every trick in the book.”

Check out the trailer teaser below, and come back tomorrow to see the first trailer. Vice opens December 25th and also stars Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney, Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld, Tyler Perry as Colin Powell, and Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush.

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