Watch the Vice President Music and Video at (Bill Carr) Address Blu-Con 2010; How to Expand the Blu-ray Market

     November 2, 2010

Earlier today, in Beverly Hills, was Blu-Con 2010.  Since this is only the third year, perhaps you aren’t familiar with the event.  All you really need to know is the all day conference focuses on the current and emerging technologies surrounding Blu-ray Disc.  In attendance were the heads of home video from most of the movie studios, members of the media, and special invited guests.  The goal is to see what’s going on with Blu-ray and to try and find ways to elevate the format.  You can find out a lot more info on the event on the official site.

Anyway, one of the invited guests was Bill Carr, who is the Vice President of Music and Video at  As someone who shops at Amazon almost every week due to a myriad of reasons (prices, ease of shopping, shipping costs), I was curious what he would say to a room filled of Hollywood executives.  Thankfully, he did not disappoint, as he spent his time laying out all the ways to increase Blu-ray market share and he did it as succinctly as any speaker today.  Hit the jump for more:

While I’m completely on board with the Blu-ray format, I know many of you still are satisfied with DVD.  All I can say is, once you watch a Blu-ray on a 1080p TV, there is no going back.  It’s literally night and day in terms of quality.

However, even though most of you know Blu-ray is better, the format is still relatively new and one of the big issues is not enough movies on Blu-ray.  That’s pretty much what Carr told the room full of executives. Carr explained that when DVD first came out, after five years the studios had released 20,000 DVDs.  However, we’re five years in on Blu-ray and we’re only up to 4,000 Blu-rays.

In addition, he went on to explain how firmware issues were also a major cause of concern for consumers, and how if more devices shipped with built in wifi, they could do firmware upgrades without consumers having to figure out what’s wrong with the device.

Look, I could go on and on about what Carr said, but I’d rather just offer you the video below.  He starts off by explaining how Amazon does business, and then he does a great job explaining what consumers love about Blu-ray and he lays out a ton of ways to make the format more popular.  I hope Hollywood was listening because I agreed with almost everything he said.


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