Video Blog: Should Neill Blomkamp do a Sequel to DISTRICT 9? Will TOY STORY 1 & 2 3D Make Money? Spider-Man 4, 5 and 6 Talk

     September 3, 2009

District 9, Toy Story and Spider-Man movie images - slice.jpg

Peter (from Slashfilm) and I had a plan. Over the weekend we came up with a bunch of subjects we wanted to talk about and we had every intention of recording a video blog Monday afternoon. But…Disney and Marvel made us alter our plans. Due to their $4 Billion dollar merger, we spent Monday talking about what the merger meant and what cool stuff might happen as a result of it.

But now we’re back on point and it’s time for our new video blog that covers a lot of subjects. In part one of our two part conversation, Peter and I talk about whether or not director Neill Blomkamp should do a sequel to “Distrcit 9” or make a new, original movie. We then debate if Pixar/Disney releasing the “Toy Story” double feature is a mistake, or if it’s still going to make a ton of money. Finally we talk about Spider-Man 4,5, and 6 and what we think Sony is going to do with the franchise. Take a look after the jump:

A quick note before watching: We record these video blogs using Skype and for some reason we had a few technical issues while recording. Just know that before watching. Finally, in a few days look for part two where we talk about “Avatar” and “Star Trek”.

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