April 14, 2010

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Earlier today, Hayley Atwell was cast as the female lead in The First Avenger: Captain America.  When geek news like this breaks, I’ll often talk to Peter from Slashfilm on the phone and we’ll tell each other what we think.  It’s conversations like these that originally led to us to record our first video blogs.  After a few minutes of talking today, we realized with the recent announcement of Joss Whedon on The Avengers movie, we both had a lot to say about not only Captain America and The Avengers, but the future of Marvel movies and the choices the studio has made and might make in the future.

Cut to us recording an extended video blog.

Some of the things we discussed were Marvel casting choices, who should direct Marvel movies, the pros and cons of Joss Whedon, casting unknowns versus movie stars, what’s up with Ant-Man and is Edgar Wright going to direct it, is Marvel being cheap with their actors and directors, did Jon Favreau get offered Avengers, Thor talk, Runaways talk, will the merger of Marvel and Disney lead to a Pixar Marvel movie, why hasn’t someone hired Brian K. Vaughan to direct a movie, and I try and pitch a show called “The Marvel Universe” and how it would be a perfect fit on ABC.

If you’re a fan of Marvel movies, or just like watching two geeks talk, check out our epic video blog on the future of Marvel movies.

Since the video blog is quite long, we’ve broken it up into two parts and we’ve time indexed the videos.  My idea for “The Marvel Universe” TV show is the end of part 2.  I’m pimping it because I really want it to happen.

The Future of Marvel Movies Part 1

  • The First Avenger: Captain America
  • We talk about the casting choices, Joe Johnston directing
  • 12:00 – Joss Whedon directing The Avengers
  • we both talk about the pros and cons on Whedon
  • 21:30 – Do we think Marvel went after other directors for The Avengers or did they stay in their price range.  Did Jon Favreau get offered Avengers?
  • 23:00 – Cowboys and Aliens talk then we go back to Avengers
  • 27:00 – Do director’s have to pitch their take to Marvel?
  • 32:00 – Ant-Man talk – when is it coming out? Should Edgar Wright direct it?

The Future of Marvel Movies Part 2

  • More Edgar Wright talk – is he going to go back to Ant-Man after Scott Pilgrim
  • 1:20 – I try and convince Kevin Feige (who probably isn’t watching this) why he should sign Edgar Wright to direct whatever he wants
  • 2:00 – The Runaways talk (we also talk Power Pack) and how Marvel wants to do a film featuring teenagers
  • 2:55 – Thor talk – we talk about how if Marvel is able to make Thor work in the Iron Man universe then they’re opening the door to many other characters and movies
  • 3:35 – Runaways casting talk
  • 4:30 – Brian K. Vaughan talk – I again try and pitch every movie executive on why he should be directing movies and how awesome his script for Roundtable sounds.  Peter talks about his script for the Vault.
  • 7:30 – We talk about how amazing it is that comic book movies are getting bigger and bigger with no slow down
  • 9:10 – Dr. Strange talk
  • 10:00 – The merger of Marvel/Disney might lead to a Marvel TV show! Also which Marvel character should be a Pixar movie!
  • 11:40 – Do we think Marvel will create new character for films?
  • 12:30 – Will we ever see a three part Marvel movie all getting released in one year
  • 14:05 – I pitch again why Marvel should do a weekly TV show on ABC. I also explain how.  It’s called the Marvel Universe!  I think they should take lesser known Marvel characters and give them 13 episode runs under the banner of Marvel Universe and then have two seasons a year like Survivor.  One starts in September and one in February.  I also explain how it could help the movie franchises.  I hope someone from Marvel and ABC watches this part.
  • 18:55 – Gotham City Police talk


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