Video Game Companies 2K, EA, & Scopely Donate $1 Million Each to Organizations Fighting Racial Injustice

     June 4, 2020


After large donations to organizations fighting racial injustice were made by people like the cast and showrunner of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, prominent members of the video game industry are following suit as well. According to The Wrap, prominent video game publishers 2K, EA, and Scopely have donated $1 million each to organizatioins fighting racial injustices.

2K, known for such prominent video game franchises as NBA 2K and Civilization, announced they were increasing their funding to their own 2K Foundations program, to help with “expanding its mission to help fight racial injustice and inequalities in Black communities across the globe.”


Image via Electronic Arts

EA, known for franchises like The Sims and Madden, donated $1 million to the Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, with the promise of “more partners to come.” Their CEO Andrew Wilson also announced that EA as a company would “double match any funds that you donate to these and any other local organizations through our YourCause program during the month of June.” He also announced that “a new program to give everyone in the company an additional paid day each year to apply to volunteering in your community. With all of our employees around the world, that will represent more than 75,000 hours applied to the change we can make.” Wilson went on to state this:

We must also go beyond listening and talking and commit ourselves to education and driving meaningful change through actions. We need to do more, and must do more… Black Lives Matter. Racial justice matters. We’ve long held equality, inclusion and diversity at the center of our beliefs at Electronic Arts. Let’s stand together, act together, and drive change together.

Scopely, which primarily publishes mobile games like Star Trek Fleet Command and WWE Champions, donated $1 million to the Black Lives Matter Foundation, NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, and Equal Justice Initiative. They also stated: “The time is now to listen, learn, and act for FOREVER change.” Let’s hope that for all these companies, “forever change” doesn’t just mean donating money when these issues are “trending,” (though it is good that they are donating money, no lie) and also results in continual hiring and amplification of Black voices and talents within their systems at every level.

For more on what video game companies are doing toward this cause, here’s PlayStation’s statement. If you’re looking for a place to support, this is a good start.


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