Most Anticipated Video Games of 2020

     January 15, 2020

Another year brings another crop of awards-worthy, genre-bending, boundary-breaking video games for players of all sorts to enjoy. Gamers have more platforms than ever before to find the latest AAA title or indie darling; more ways than every before to share their gaming experience, in-game reactions, and post-game content with people all over the world; and easily the most interconnected system of gaming enthusiasts the world has ever seen. In short, 2020 promises to be another year full of incredible games, with surprises and disappointments alike, that we’ll look back on fondly in the years to come.

But what’s got us excited about the Year in Video Games? Well, we’ve put together a curated list of our most anticipated video game releases of the year to answer just that. It’s not exhaustive, just what we’re really hyped about at the moment. We’ve got RPGs and weeb-friendly titles, more remakes than you might have expected, and a solid selection of franchise and sequel stories. Some of these titles will undoubtedly be on your list, too. Feel free to reach out and tell us why you’re excited about a particular title or what you’re looking forward to playing and why. Oh, and if you want to geek out about the new consoles coming towards the end of the year in Holiday 2020, please know that we’re right there with you!

Be sure to check out our list of 2020 video game release dates here (which we will continue to update as new info becomes available) and please enjoy our staff’s selection of the most anticipated titles coming out over the next few months:

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