Vin Diesel Continues to Pretend Like a 3rd CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK Movie Is Happening

     December 2, 2009


On his Facebook page [via ComingSoon], Vin Diesel announced that “The Riddick team is in New Zealand location scouting already… that’s exciting.”  Wow!  A new Chronicles of Riddick movie! That is exciting!  So who’s financing this adventure?  I know you’re going back down to your Pitch Black budget but I’m sure in this economy, someone out there is willing to give you guys money to make a movie with only a strong cult following and no broader appeal.  I would assume that David Twohy would return to direct, but that would be weird because in August he told Steve that his next project is a film called Crying Havoc.

Here’s what I think is the truth: Vin Diesel is lying.  He is lying his ass off to continue interest not in a 3rd Riddick movie, but in Vin Diesel and letting the fans know that he’s really trying to come back to do those popular franchises.  He loves those projects!  He really wants to do them!  Bullshit.  Vin Diesel is no closer to getting a 3rd Riddick movie made than I am to seeing perfectly in the dark with a mystical eye-shine ability.  But I believe Steve put it best in an editorial he wrote earlier this year, “Vin Diesel is full of shit.

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