Vin Diesel is Full of Shit

     August 12, 2009


I like Vin Diesel. I really like “Pitch Black” and “The Chronicles of Riddick”. In fact, I like both movies so much that when I had an opportunity to speak with writer/director David Twohy last week for his new movie “A Perfect Getaway”, I made sure to ask him everything I could think of about a 3rd “Riddick” movie. And you know what he said? “I think we will make another movie when Vin commits fully to it”. He went on to say “I’m calling him out. Did you see me?” Meaning, he’d love to make one, but it’s not on him.

So I have to ask: Does this sound like a writer/director getting ready to turn in a new script next month on a third “Riddick” movie? Because according to Vin Diesel (via Facebook) that’s what he’s doing. So I think it’s finally time to say it. Vin Diesel is full of shit. Find out why after the jump:

Vin Diesel image (1).jpgTime after time, whenever Vin Diesel is interviewed, he constantly says things about a third “Riddick” movie, his long in development “Hannibal” movie, another “xXx” movie, and whatever fans want to hear. He’s the master of teasing fans until they’re about to climax and then he leaves ’em with blue balls.

While it pains me to say it (again), Vin Diesel is full of shit. Until Vin actually commits to making one of these projects, I’m going to keep the title on him. Some people have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, others have Lifetime Achievement Awards. Vin Diesel has The Prestigious “I Am Full of Shit” award for achievement in lying his ass off.

Again, I’d love for Vin to make another “Riddick” movie. I’d do everything I could to help promote the film on Collider (provided it didn’t suck). I just don’t it’s ever going to happen and I’m tired of Vin always saying that it will.

But hey, we did get “Assault on Dark Athena” so…yay.


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