Vince Vaughn Goes on a BUSINESS TRIP; Tom Hiddleston to Co-Star with Gemma Arterton in CAPA

     April 17, 2013


We have a couple of casting stories for you this morning.  First up, Vince Vaughn is in talks to star in the comedy Business Trip written by Steven Conrad (The Pursuit of Happyness).  No director is currently attached, and THR reports that the vague logline is simply “the story centers on a man who flies to Europe for business. Travel mayhem ensues.”  We also don’t know much about Vaughn’s character, but I’m willing to bet it’s the same one he almost always plays.  He’ll probably keep playing it in the comedies he has coming later this year, The Internship (June 7th) and The Delivery Man (October 4th).

Hit the jump for some Tom Hiddleston casting news.

robert-capaAccording to Shortlist [via The Playlist], Hiddleston is set to star opposite Gemma Arterton in Capa.  There was some confusion back in 2010 when it looked like Artreton was starring in Michael Mann‘s Robert Capa biopic, which centered on the war photographer and his romance with Gerda Taro.  Capa and Taro were formerly Endre Friedman and Gerta Phorylle, but the anti-fascist, exiled Jewish communists decided to change their names and cover the Spanish Civil War.

Arterton later clarified to The Playlist that there were two Capa biopics in the works, and hers is directed by Paul Andrew Williams (Song for Marion).  Mann’s, which is called Waiting for Robert Capa, is based on Susana Fortes‘ book of the same name.

Hiddleston tells Shortlist that he plans to do intensive research on Capa:

“I plan to go to the places he lived, those places he visited, read books about him, study his photographs and, crucially, learn how he took them.”

Hiddleston continued by noting the heroism of the celebrated photographer:

“I look at [Capa’s] life and see it in heroic terms. A Hungarian kicked out of Hungary for writing against Fascism, he moved to Germany where he was kicked out for being Jewish, then he moved to France and from there began a life-long commitment to make a stand against forces of fascism,”

There are no details on the plot, and so we don’t know if the romance story belongs to Capa, Waiting for Robert Capa, or both.  There’s plenty of dramatic material, but Mann’s project might stall out if Williams’ gets to the screen first.  Mann is currently working on an untitled cyber-thriller starring Chris Hemsworth.


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