Vince Vaughn talks OLD SCHOOL 2

     September 22, 2009

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Ever since “Old School” became a hit back in 2003, there have been whispers of the cast reuniting and doing a sequel. Unfortunately, the more time that passes, the less of a chance it’s ever going to happen.

But even though the chances are slim, whenever I interview someone from the film, I always ask about the sequel. And since I covered the “Couples Retreat” international press day for our partners at Omelete earlier today, I had the chance to speak with Vince Vaughn during a roundtable interview. What he said about “Old School 2” and what he’s doing next is after the jump.

Old School movie image Vince Vaughn (2).jpgThe first thing to know is Vince gave me an answer like a politician. He’s clearly been asked about “Old School 2” many times and he managed to say a lot without really saying anything at all. However, he did confirm Todd Phillips is definitely making “The Hangover 2” and they recently got together to talk about making another film. Unfortunately, they didn’t talk about “Old School 2”.

But the best bit of news came at the end of the interview. He told me he’s read a script for “Old School 2” and it’s “actually pretty good.” He also told me Todd, “had a good idea for what could be a second one.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of Vince Vaughn, he told me he doesn’t have any plans right now for another movie and that he’s about to get married, so you may want to check out “Couples Retreat” as it’s going to be awhile till you get to see him again in a movie theater.

Here’s the transcript of what Vince had to say.

Question: One of your biggest films was “Old School” and I have to ask…is it time to finally close the book on an Old School sequel or do you think it might actually happen?

Old School movie image Vince Vaughn.jpgVince Vaughn: I saw Todd (Phillips) not too long ago and we were talking about doing something again. I think the reason I’ve always been reluctant to do too many sequels… although it’s funny, when I started from “Swingers” I was then in a sequel of a movie I was never in, “The Lost World”, but a lot of the character films that I had done had always been some talk or want of it. I’m not opposed to it, if it has its own individual story and reason for being told. I don’t know why…I can’t find my way in if it’s just, “oh that was a good idea and so here’s an okay idea that goes with it.” If there is something that’s really great that inspires you than I’d be open to anything, of course. I sort of feel like there are a lot of good ideas and different movies to do so I’d definitely like to and look forward to doing something with Todd again, but whether it’s “Old School 2” or not I can’t say we’ve really talked about that recently. He’s doing “The Hangover 2”, I know that.

So what are you doing next?

Vince: I don’t have any plans, thankfully, for the first time. I just finished this (“Couples Retreat”) and my focus is to take some time to get married and do that kind of stuff. I have some things I will write that I have ideas for. I also have a couple of projects in development with some people so we’ll see what comes to fruition.

After the interview ended, I decided to do a follow up on “Old School 2”, as I really wanted Vince to lean one way or the other on a sequel. Here’s what I said:

Old School movie image Vince Vaughn (3).jpgQuestion: Honestly…”Old School 2″. Is it never going to happen?

Vince: I wouldn’t say never. I know he’s (Todd Phillips) doing “Hangover” and has those things to do. There has been a script for it which is actually pretty good.

He told me there’s a script for it.

Vince: Yeah, the script is pretty good. But I’m not sure. It’s a possibility.

I’d love to see it. Just throwing it out there.

Vince: Yeah, he had a good idea for what could be a second one.

So while I wish I had better news, at least Vince didn’t say it’s never going to happen. Who knows, maybe if enough people ask about it while he’s out promoting “Couples Retreat”, that could be his next film. You never know….


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