Vincent D’Onofrio and ‘The Kid’ Cast on Making a Wild Western in the New Mexico Desert

     March 8, 2019

Trading Wilson Fisk’s pristine white suits for a pair of dusty boots and spurs, Vincent D’Onofrio‘s next move was to step behind the camera to direct the upcoming western The Kid. The film tells the story of Billy the Kid (Dane DeHaan) and the sheriff who eventually shot him, Pat Garrett (Ethan Hawke), as seen through the eyes of a young boy name Rio (Jake Schur in his film debut.) When Rio’s ruthlessly violent uncle Grant Cutler (Chris Pratt) kidnaps his sister Sara (Leila George), he must decide between a notorious outlaw and a hardheaded lawman to help save her.


Image via Lionsgate

Before The Kid hits theaters, Vincent D’Onofrio, Leila George, and Jake Schur came into the Collider Studio to discuss the film. Check out what they had to say in the player above, and below is exactly what we talked about.

Vincent D’Onofrio, Leila George, Jake Schur:

  • How The Kid stands out in the Western genre.
  • How Jake Schur went from meeting Vincent D’Onofrio on the set of the 2013 film The Pawnshop Chronicles to making his film debut in The Kid.
  • What it was like for Leila George to perform while her father was the director.
  • George’s experience coming off of the massive blockbuster Mortal Engines to the low-key production of The Kid.
  • Filming on practical sets in the New Mexico desert.
  • What it was like to direct and watch Chris Pratt play a truly despicable character.
  • The one moment from set that each of them will never forget.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Kid:

In this thrilling Western, a young boy, Rio (Jake Schur), is forced to go on the run across the American Southwest in a desperate attempt to save his sister (Leila George) from his villainous uncle (Chris Pratt). Along the way, he encounters Sheriff Pat Garrett (Ethan Hawke), on the hunt for the infamous outlaw Billy the Kid (Dane DeHaan). Rio finds himself increasingly entwined in the lives of these two legendary figures as the cat and mouse game of Billy the Kid’s final year of life plays out. Ultimately Rio is forced to choose which type of man he is going to become, the outlaw or the man of valor, and will use this self-realization in a final act to save his family.

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