Bruce Willis and Danny Trejo in Talks to Join Carey Mulligan and Saiorse Ronan for VIOLET & DAISY

     August 19, 2010


With his first credited script, Precious, Geoffrey Fletcher nabbed an Oscar.  The meek screenwriter is poised to make a similar splash with his directorial debut, Violet & Daisy, considering Carey Mulligan (An Education) and Saiorse Ronan (The Lovely Bones) — two of the finest young actresses in town — are attached to star.  A new report indicates that Bruce Willis and Danny Trejo are likewise in talks to star in the film, in a seeming attempt to inject a bit of macho and (in Willis’ case) star power into the project.  More after the jump:

danny_trejo24 Frames describes the film as “Thelma & Louise meets Superbad, with a helping of Pulp Fiction.”  Given their genders and ages, I suppose Mulligan and Ronan shoulder the Thelma & Louise and Superbad comparisons.  Willis is an obvious link for a Pulp-y subplot, with Trejo a suitable companion if the role calls for it.  All guesswork, though, since there is no plot to accompany the pitch.

Anyway, quite the cast, huh?  So much juxtaposition, but each actor brings something interesting to the table — I am eager to see how (if?) it all coalesces.  None of the four have signed on the dotted line as of this writing, but we should expect an official cast list soon enough: Violet & Daisy hopes to shoot this fall.

Both Willis and Trejo have a gun-heavy flick set for release in the next couple months.  Trejo plays the titular character in the Robert Rodriguez-directed revenge film Machete, which hits theaters on September 3rd.  Willis stars in the spy thriller Red alongside such heavy hitters as Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich (opens October 15th).

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