‘Violet Evergarden’ Trailer: Prepare to Weep over Kyoto Animation’s New Theatrical Release

     February 6, 2020


Funimation Films, the theatrical division of Sony Pictures Television’s Funimation, has opened advanced ticketing for the North American theatrical release of Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll, the first feature-length film from the popular anime TV series Violet Evergarden. The film from Kyoto Animation, one of the most beloved studios in the industry known for its beautiful animation, is a new side story set in a private women’s academy where Violet Evergarden tutors a young girl still trying to heal from the loss of a loved one. It’s also the first North American release since the deadly arson attack on the acclaimed studio in the summer of 2019. I, for one, will happily be lending my support in theaters this month.

Presented in Japanese (English subtitles), Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll is in select theaters in the U.S. from February 17th to 20th. Tickets are now open for pre-sale on the film’s official website https://www.funimationfilms.com/movie/violet-evergarden/

Watch the new trailer here:

The first feature-length Violet Evergarden film arrives in select theaters Feb 17 – 20. Now you can see the beautiful animation from beloved studio Kyoto Animation on the big screen.


Tickets are on sale now!https://funi.to/VEMovie

Here’s the official synopsis:

Violet Evergarden comes to a private women’s academy to tutor Isabella in the ways of being a lady. Heir to the York family, Isabella feels trapped in this new and uncomfortable world. She still grieves for the only person to ever bring her happiness – now lost to her. Violet’s lessons do give her a brief respite from the melancholy but with the absence of joy, how long does it take to truly heal?

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