Viral Campaign Reveals IRON MAN 2 Trailer

     December 16, 2009


The highlighted words from the Iron Man 2 viral campaign clippings turned out to be a link:  The website displayed a 60-minute countdown to the first trailer for the film going online–well in advance of its expected reveal as an attachment to Sherlock Holmes (although that’s where you’ll get to see it on the big screen for the first time).  Hopefully we’ll see the viral campaign continue up to the film’s release and offer other cool reveals like this one.

As for the trailer, it’s awesome.  Were you expecting anything less?  It uses a lot of footage that was shown at Comic-Con but since I lost my mind over that, I have no problem losing it again now.  Also, going through the trailer frame-by-frame (I’m a nerd, get over it), you can see that the Iron Man armor changes over the course of the film.  At the beginning, it has the circular emblem but at the end of the trailer you can see it’s been changed to the triangle which is closer to the comic-book illustration of the character.  I’ve included screencaps after the jump.

We’ve included the trailer after the jump if you must to see it now (and you must) but you can click over to if you want to see it in HD (and you will want to see it in HD).  Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7, 2010.

Iron Man Mach 3 armor (his final armor from the first film).


Iron Man Mach 4 armor?



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