VOLTRON Falls Out of Formation

     September 23, 2009

Voltron tv show image - slice.jpg

Form up, Voltron fans, and get ready for a rigorous wad of legal jargon which pretty much does nothing but to confirm what we already knew: The Voltron feature film is in the 9th circle of development hell, and probably won’t be resurfacing any time soon. More after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter has caught wind of a lawsuit filed by the independent producers who hold the “Voltron: Defender of the Universe” film rights, which claims that World Events and NHO, companies that hold the television rights to the property, sought to deal out further rights to the franchise without consulting the owners of the films rights. Basically, this is becoming an intense legal battle in which neither side shows signs of backing down. This all comes as a bummer to people like me, who just want to see a movie where big robot lions combine to form an even bigger robot person to protect the planet Arus, and that should be simple enough. However, set backs have plagued this property for years, having been licensed and dropped by almost every major studio. Maybe one day, Voltron will form, but that day isn’t today. And probably won’t be tomorrow.


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