‘Voltron’ Showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery Look Ahead to Season 4

     August 10, 2017


If you haven’t finished Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3 on Netflix, now’s the time to remedy that particular oversight. If you’re caught up but have questions, then this chat with showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery is just the thing you need. We talked about the current season’s seven-episode order and how it plays into their storytelling plans, how the introduction of Prince Lotor has set the Paladins off balance, and the decision to tell the origin story of the Mighty Voltron.

Before we jump into the interview, here’s a reminder that it’s spoiler-filled since we talk about events in Season 3. As a buffer, here’s our exclusive clip from the current season revealing the fate of a Paladin in peril.

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Now that Season 3 is available on Netflix, Dos Santos and Montgomery were able to talk about the events of these recent episodes a bit more freely. First up, here’s how their latest efforts have been received by the fans:

Joaquim Dos Santos: The cool thing is, with the ability to binge these shows and having them all available at once, we get pretty instant feedback. It’s all been astoundingly super-positive. People coming up with theories and who their new favorite characters are … it’s very exciting. We had same-day fan art at Comic-Con for Lotor’s Generals. It’s crazy. 

Lauren Montgomery: We appreciate it and we’re glad that people like the characters enough to want to do that.

Dos Santos: The fact that somebody’s taking the time to draw those characters is exciting. 

Montgomery: It’s a huge compliment.

Two big changes came in Season 3: The introduction of Prince Lotor, as played by A.J. LoCascio, and a relatively short order of only seven episodes. Dos Santos and Montgomery addressed both of those aspects in turn, starting with just how long they’ve been waiting to bring Lotor into the fold: