‘Voltron’ Season 6 Finale Makes Some Major Sacrifices for the Good of All Realities

     June 18, 2018


Spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up with Season 6 of Voltron.

In what I believe to be the best season of DreamWorks’ Netflix series Voltron Legendary Defender so far, the Paladins and their allies made some costly sacrifices in order to not only defend the known universe from threats, but even unknown realities that exist out there in the cosmos. Season 6, despite its short seven-episode run, packed a lot of interesting sci-fi concepts, emotional character development, and insane action sequences into its storytelling. But the freedom to explore new stories now that the plot is out from under the thumb of Zarkon and the Galra Empire requires a bit of explanation as to just what the heck is going on.

So in light of the Season 6 finale (which was really like a three-episode conclusion), we’re taking a more focused look at the events that transpired within it to see how they tied up the story so far and what they suggest for the future of Voltron. The series is taking the story in some interesting directions, so while we can make some pretty solid educated guesses about what’s to come, the broader scope of the space-based action series really opens up the playing field. Here’s what we know so far:


Image via Netflix

At the close of Season 6, Lotor’s true nature was ultimately revealed. While his motive may have been the same since his character’s introduction–to provide for the people of the empire by gaining access to quintessence resources–the means to that end painted the Galra prince with a fitting villainous brush. Turns out that our charismatic half-Altean, half-Galra character had long been recruiting Altean refugees from his father’s galactic war in order to harvest their bodies for quintessence used for his research. That’s about as evil as it gets despite Lotor’s assertions that their sacrifice was done for the greater good. And if viewers needed an extra push to see Lotor as the villain he truly is, even after his own generals abandoned him during a particularly overzealous rant, his exposure to unlimited quintessence at the season’s end revealed his true nature (like what happened to his father, which was referenced earlier in the season as a reminder) and drove him completely mad.

But with the Paladins having destroyed the physical gate to the quintessence field, followed by sacrificing the Castle of Lions itself (by detonating its powerful teleduv crystal in order to provide a super-supermassive gravity well to seal up the multiple breaches in different realities thanks to Lotor’s reality-hopping), there’s a good chance that access to that energy is cut off, at least temporarily, and Lotor along with it. That’s not to say Lotor is gone for good. Sure, he and his Sincline-version of Voltron (which is so friggin’ cool, by the way) may currently be stuck in the quintessence field, but with access to that much raw energy coupled with Lotor’s shrewd mind and his Altean-enhanced tech, you’d better believe he’ll reappear in future episodes in some fashion or another. The more interesting question in the meantime is how the fractured Galra Empire will move forward under Sendak’s rule (or some other challenger) now that Lotor is out of the picture. And for the Paladins, they have a long journey to get to Earth if they want to build a new castle (likely using the condensed crystal remnant of the old one in some way), and since they don’t have the ability to gate-hop, we’re probably in store for a bit of a road-trip story in Season 7. That’ll give us a good chance for the Paladins themselves to get caught up with newcomers like Krolia and Romelle (the name of the princess of the planet Pollux in the original series, along with her brother Bandor), and the newly reunited Shiro.


Image via Netflix

Let’s talk about Shiro. After his battle with Emperor Zarkon, the Shiro we knew and loved was gone, or at least his physical form was. Shiro’s spirit, however, was sheltered within the Black Lion, unbeknownst to anyone. The Shiro that the Paladins and viewers have been hanging out with since that battle was actually a clone, one of many aboard a creepy Galra ship that blew up in spectacular fashion during Keith’s battle with the Manchurian Shiro.

By the end of Season 6, Allura used her newfound Altean alchemy skills–which include transferring quintessence and, apparently, other types of energy–to restore Shiro’s spirit by transferring it into the body of his injured but recovered clone. The only downside here is that the returned Shiro will find himself short one arm and with an all-white head of hair. Not the worst price to pay!

So what can we expect in Season 7? Probably a healthy dose of Altean exposition thanks to Allura, Coran, and Romelle; some interesting family dynamics between Keith and Krolia (and the teleporting wolf!); perhaps a run-in with Lotor’s generals floating out in space, abandoned (and maybe more sparks between Keith and Acxa); and some awkward fallout from the love triangle made by Lotor, Allura, and loverboy Lance. In other words, don’t be surprised if the drama takes the wheel in Season 7 and the action takes a bit of a relative back seat. No worries because there’s plenty of story left to tell!

What did you think of Season 6 and what do you want to see in Season 7? Be sure to let us know in the comments!