‘Voltron’ Showrunners Prepare Viewers for Season 6 and the Series’ Eventual End

     June 15, 2018


Spoilers ahead for folks who aren’t caught up on Seasons 1-5 of Netflix’s Voltron.

With the highly anticipated return of Voltron Legendary Defender today, we wanted to make sure fans are all caught up on the story so far. To that end, we chatted with showrunners and animation industry veterans Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery about Season 6, where this 7-episode run falls within the larger story, and how the incredible, space-based DreamWorks Animation series might just come to an end.

Fear not, Paladins! Voltron isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it’s good to know that the creative team behind the scenes has a complete story to tell. To that end, we also got some clarification on just how the release of shorter seasons of Voltron impacted the storytelling process. We’ll have much more with Dos Santos and Montgomery after you get a chance to binge the new season this weekend, so look for our spoilery chat early next week.

Here’s what Dos Santos and Montgomery had to say about going into Season 6, breaking down each season’s story arc, and planning for the series’ inevitable end in this spoiler-free chat:


Image via Netflix

What is the need-to-know information for fans going into Season 6 of Voltron?

Lauren Montgomery: In the larger fight for the universe, there is now an internal conflict in the Galra Empire. The Paladins have teamed up with the Galra Empire in order to find some sort of peace. There’s a new leader of the Galra Empire, Prince Lotor.

Joaquim Dos Santos: While Lotor’s intentions seem good, there may be some percolating elements where we’re not sure exactly where he’s coming from because he is a rather cunning fellow.

How has the release of 6 or 7 episodes per season impacted your storytelling approach?

Dos Santos: Initially, we hadn’t really planned for these to be broken up this way. We planned for them to be larger story arcs, so we were looking for the most natural way to break them up. As Netflix and DreamWorks have come together to figure out what plays best and what the fans will be most happy with, they’re constantly updating the game plan. So while we had, initially, these larger blocks of episodes, we’ve since broken them into two smaller batches. It hasn’t really affected our story that much in terms of how we crafted the story because we had planned for the larger drops. It’s sort of after the fact that we had to go to see where it naturally broke.


Image via Netflix

Do you have an endpoint in mind for the current Voltron story and, if so, where does Season 6 fall in that timeline?

Montgomery: We do definitely have a place where we feel like we can end this series. I don’t know if we’re allowed to say exactly where this point in the series falls, but there is more story to be told. I’ll say that.

Dos Santos: I think it’s also smart to go into a series like this knowing that there’s a beginning, middle and end, and that there’s an arc to our characters. I think it helps us in the long run. We know it’s there.

Season 6 of DreamWorks Animation TV’s Voltron Legendary Defender is on Netflix now!