‘Voltron’ Season 6 Release Date Confirmed!

     March 2, 2018


Yes, the six-episode Season 5 of Voltron Legendary Defender just arrived on Netflix today, and yes, yours truly just bulldozed through all of them and yes, they are as action-packed, hilarious, and heartfelt as always, if not more so. But a nice little reward awaited viewers at the end of the final episode of the season … which is sort of like having dessert after dessert, but we’ll take it. That reward had nothing to do with the story so far, so don’t be afraid of spoilers, but rather said simply: “The Battle Will Continue … June 15th!”

So there you have it! Once you’ve wrapped watching Season 5 (which might be my favorite so far…), you’ll only have a few short months to wait until Season 6! We’re expecting a 7-episode season this summer since the original 13-episode seasonal run has already been chunked into a 6-episode sub-season. Also, Season 5 brings the total to 45 episodes, meaning that we’ll be at 52 by the end of Season 6. Since Voltron has a 78-episode commitment with Netflix, that also means we’ll have 26 episodes (ie two normal seasons, or four “chunked” seasons) remaining. Plenty more Voltron storytelling ahead, fellow Paladins!

I’ll keep this article spoiler-free–keep an eye out for a Season 5 review and some deeper dives into some of the season’s mythology coming soon–but it’s worth mentioning how much story the Voltron reboot has covered so far. Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery and their creative team have consistently knocked it out of the park when it comes to paying homage to classic storylines and characters from the original series’ run, but also tweaking those elements to modernize them, deepen their mythologies, and add some surprising twists and clever turns. I really can’t wait to see where Voltron goes from here, but to get caught up with where it’s come from so far, take a look at some of our recent write-ups:


Image via Netflix