‘Voltron’ Season 6 Trailer and Images Tease an Epic New Challenge for the Paladins

     June 5, 2018


Yes, it’s true! Just a few short months after Season 5 landed on Netflix, it’s already time for Voltron Legendary Defender Season 6. And Keith is back! The new season will consist of seven episodes, which will see the Paladins fighting against another challenging foe. According to the press release, the official synopsis for the season goes like this:

Suspicious of Lotor’s alliance with Voltron, Galra oppressors continue to invade and conquer vulnerable planets throughout the universe. A hyper-focused Team Voltron feels the need to liberate helpless planets and begins a massive campaign to save millions of lives. But after the Paladins uncover some troubling information, they must engage in their most epic battle yet.

DreamWorks’ Voltron Legendary Defender returns to Netflix Friday, June 15th; check out the new trailer below:

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