‘Voyage of Time’ Producers on the Epic Film’s 40-Year Journey to the Screen

     October 7, 2016


Terrence Malick has been working on Voyage of Time for over forty years, shooting the first footage of his universe-spanning doc in the nineteen-seventies. Even by Malick’s notoriously exacting process, this seems unusually long. Then again, it’s somehow fitting that a documentary detailing the birth and death of the universe would take up a better part of the filmmaker’s life. Producers Sarah Green and Nick Gonda have produced each of Malick’s films since The New World and have watched Voyage of Time develop over the course of the past fourteen years. Joined by veteran documentary producer Sophokles Tasioulis, the trio will release two different cuts of the documentary – a ninety-minute version, which will play in local theaters, and a 45-minute exclusive IMAX cut.

In the following interview with producers Sarah Green, Nick Gonda and Sophokles Tasioulis, they discuss Voyage of Time’s long development process, the decision to release two different versions, and how the science influenced the final cut. For the full interview, read below.

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