Wacky Trailer for THE FIRST GUN, Director Zhang Yimou’s “Remake” of the Coen Bros. BLOOD SIMPLE.

     November 18, 2009


If I didn’t know that Zhang Yimou’s (Hero) upcoming film The First Gun (formerly Amazing Tales: Three Guns) was a remake of/re-imaging of/in-anyway-connected-to the Coen Brothers classic, debut film Blood Simple., then I never would have guessed it from the Chinese trailer that just went online.  Now I don’t speak Chinese (or Mandarin or whatever dialect or language they’re speaking in the trailer) but none of the images clue me in to the plot of a cuckold who hires a hitman to murder his adulterous wife and her lover.  It’s not the setting.  I just can’t see the plot.  I guess maybe the guy in black with the bow and arrow and a cannon is the hitman?  Clearly, Yimou has made some radical changes, but when you see this trailer, I doubt you’ll think, “Huh.  This kind of reminds me of Blood Simple.

Check out the trailer after the jump and maybe you can see a resemblance that I’m missing from all this.

Thanks to Russ over at /Film for the heads-up.

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