Wagner Moura to Play Federico Fellini in FELLINI BLACK AND WHITE; Peter Dinklage, William H. Macy, and Terrence Howard Also Star

     April 30, 2012


An indie biopic of legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini is moving forward and writer/director Henry Bromell (Homeland) has assembled himself quite the cast.  Variety reports that Elite Squad star Wagner Moura will play the famed director in Fellini Black and White, while Peter Dinklage, William H. Macy, and Terrence Howard are set to co-star.  Instead of being your run of the mill all-encompassing biopic, the film centers on a specific period in Fellini’s life.  The story is set in Los Angeles in March of 1957, and takes place during the 48 hours that Fellini went missing right before attending the Academy Awards.  Hit the jump for more.

federico-fellini-imageThe time period marked Fellini’s first time in America and after he returned home to Italy, he directed the classics La Dolce Vita and 8 ½Fellini Black and White postulates what might have happened during those 48 hours, and finds the filmmaker “discovering the jazz and surf scenes and falling for a veterinarian while his wife tries to drown her sorrows by cavorting with Ricky Nelson.”

Variety reports that Howard will play a jazz musician who introduces Fellini to the music world, Macy will play Fellini’s publicist, and Dinklage will play the vet’s lover.  While the biopic genre can be incredibly formulaic and droll, I kind of love Bromell’s take on Fellini.  The Showtime series Homeland is incredible, and it sounds like Bromell has crafted a seriously wild ride with Fellini Black and White.  Moreover, the cast is made up of incredibly talented character actors who, with the possible exception of Howard, are capable of stealing scenes left and right.

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