Walker Stalker Con: Over 35 Images Reveal ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast, Cosplay, & More

     November 1, 2018

walker-stalker-2018-sliceThe air felt a little heavy this year at The Walking Dead annual fan convention in Atlanta, Walker Stalker Con (WSC) 2018. Perhaps it had to do with so many losses on the show — actualized losses like actor Scott Wilson, as well as the looming end to one of the show’s flagship stars / characters, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes).

Fans have known for months about Lincoln’s departure from the show, but as attendees gathered for a viewing and concluded the weekend’s festivities, Lincoln was curiously absent. Atlanta is usually the only domestic market he participates in, hosting a ticketed panel discussion and anonymously donating ticket sales to charity. Still fans delighted at seeing their other favorite cast members, including Norman Reedus (Daryl), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), and Danai Gurira (Michonne). Gurira held a limited access panel for the highest level con ticket holders this year, and got emotional when asked about her favorite memory with Scott Wilson, who she said was the first person to greet her on set on her first day.

Storyboard artist Mark Simon also gave an fascinating presentation on storyboarding the series — you can check out the Season 9 premiere’s storyboard art and more about his talk here.

The winner of the Heroes and Survivors category of the annual cosplay contest was a Hershel Greene look alike, but Carl (complete with zombie rib bite) and Carol donning a hand-made horse were runners up. Last year’s winner of the Villains and Walkers category won again this year as The Nun. The winner in each category gets VIP tickets to next year’s WSC.

Attendees of Walker Stalker Con 2018 attest that no matter what happens to their favorite characters in the show, they are all still rabid fans and can’t get enough of The Walking Dead. The cast and crew of the show also stressed that they are constantly trying to outdo themselves and keep it fresh and entertaining for fans. Check out pictures of the panels, cosplay, and stars of the series below.

The Walking Dead Season 9 is currently airing Sunday nights on AMC.