Robert Kirkman Plans THE WALKING DEAD Zombie Obstacle Course at Comic-Con 2012

     May 16, 2012


As if you need more reason to be excited about this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Skybound have announced that they will be hosting a zombie obstacle course to commemorate the 100th issue of The Walking Dead graphic novel series.  Here’s what Kirkman had to say about the event, hosted in Petco Park:

“Our fans have been reading about it, watching it and now they get to live it with The Walking Dead Escape. We are literally transforming Petco Park into the early days of society’s collapse and San Diego is just the first city to fall.”

Instead of a race, The Walking Dead Escape is set up as an experience with interactive displays and Walking Dead references throughout.  After you’ve completed the course, your decisions will determine if you’re infected or not.  Hit the jump.

walking-dead-obstacle-course-comic-conThis sounds like an incredibly fun and exciting event, and I’m sure the line to get in will circle the stadium.  Hopefully things move quickly and participants don’t have to wait too long to experience The Walking Dead Escape, but at an event where Twilight fans line up days ahead of time to get within smelling distance of Robert Pattinson, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a sizable wait.  However, it sounds like a one-of-a-kind experience and I’m sure it’ll be worth the time spent in line.

Per THR, participants can do one of three things in the obstacle course: “be a survivor and race through a zombie-infested evacuation zone; be a walker who joins the ranks of the undead; or a spectator who watches from the sidelines during an Escape Party.”  It’s a tough decision, but I’m sure multiple trips through the course will allow fans to experience the event every which way.  The Walking Dead Escape will run in conjunction with Comic-Con on July 12-15, and I know I’ll definitely be participating.

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