‘The Walking Dead’: Expect More Saviors, Garbage People, and Enid in Season 8

     April 17, 2017


Mild spoilers follow.

After the underwhelming events of Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Season 8 is shaping up to be an “All Out War” among the various groups of survivors. Our original protagonists, ie Rick & Co., have blended in among the citizens of Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom, and have united them against the main threat of Negan and his Saviors. However, twists and turns to the story that unfolded in Season 7 also featured some new groups that walked the line between ally and enemy, with a group of dump-dwelling Scavengers stabbing Rick’s group in the back while the isolated Oceanside community regretfully gave up their guns for the cause.

As TV Line reports, AMC has now added a trio of series regulars for Season 8, and that news gives us a very minor hint as to how the story will shape up this fall. Steven OggKatelyn Nacon, and Pollyanna McIntosh have all been promoted to series regulars for the upcoming season. Though some have been around a little longer than others and certainly aren’t replacements for the departed Steven Yeun (Glenn), Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), each of these actors performed their characters exceptionally well; the series will be stronger for their inclusion.


Image via AMC

In case you don’t recognize them by their real names, we’ll break them all down for you. Ogg plays the Savior Simon, Negan’s right-hand man and charismatic collector of all that is owed to his boss. He’s been featured quite a bit in his chats with Gregory at Hilltop Colony since Simon’s now acting as their resident “Negan”; he’s also terrorized Alexandria on occasion. Expect Simon to go to war alongside his boss in Season 8.

Nacon, the veteran of the show in this group, plays Enid, introduced as a wandering, solitary survivor who lost her parents. Enid and Carl have established a romantic relationship on the show, but lately Enid’s been spending more time with Maggie at Hilltop, acting almost as a younger sister for the burgeoning leader.

McIntosh stole her scenes in Season 7 when she was introduced as Jadis, the leader of the Scavengers. Her motto, and that of her group, is “We take. We don’t bother.” Never trust a weird-talking group of garbage people because they will sell you out for a better deal in short order. Expect Jadis to be on the wrong side of the fight when The Walking Dead returns.

Here’s what showrunner Scott M. Gimple had to say about the direction of The Walking Dead in Season 8:

“It’s going to become a bit more kinetic and fast-moving, because that’s where the story is going. The content is definitely going to be determining the form.”

Music to our ears. The Walking Dead returns this fall.