Walt Disney Pictures Acquires Rights to Larry Brenner’s Pitch, LABYRINTH

     April 9, 2013


Walt Disney Pictures has obtained the rights to Labyrinth after a pitch from 2011’s Black List writer Larry Brenner.  According to Deadline, the action-adventure film, produced by Jim Whitaker (American Gangster), tells the story of a mythical princess’ journey to save her father by trekking through the dangerous and elaborate labyrinth.  Sound familiar?  That’s because the premise is very similar to Jim Henson’s 1986 film by the same name, although there’s no relation.

Brenner is a newly discovered screenwriter who go his start after being a finalist on Final Draft’s Big Break Screenwriting Contest in 2011.  His screenplay for Bethlehem – a story about a group of survivors who makes a deal with a vampire in exchange for protection during a zombie apocalypse – landed him on The Black List that same year.  Universal Pictures later acquired the rights to the project and it’s currently in development.

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