Walter Cronkite’s 1982 Investigation of TRON

     July 20, 2009


It wasn’t all reporting on dead presidents and calling out the bullshit of elected officials for Walter Cronkite, who died this past Friday at the age of 92.  Cronkite also did a fun little report on “Tron” back in 1982 and took a look at the way computer graphics were built into films and used to create a world and a story that couldn’t be done using conventional sets and practical effects.  It’s neat that this story does focus on the emergence of computer generated images in cinema and attempting to predict their future prevalence.  I can’t help but wonder if “Tron” will once again push the technology further when the sequel hits in 2011.

Hit the jump to check out the full video.  Hat tip to “Trick ‘r Treat” writer/director Mike Dougherty and his twitter feed for the heads up.

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