Want to be in THE HOBBIT?

     December 28, 2009

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As reported by TheOneRing.net and The Noldor BlogThe Hobbit is officially accepting applications for actors and actresses wishing to be in the two part movie.  While I’m sure you want to be in the film, before you break out the LOTR-themed casting videos and headshot that you had prepared for just such an occasion, there are a few guidelines of which you should be aware.  Hit the jump for more:

— You must apply by physical mail.

— You need to include a casting video, headshot and full-body shot (both head on and profile).

— It is very important that you include a return address so, in the event that the casting director thinks you would make a great goblin, you can be sent the next application.

— Don’t bother saying what part you’d be perfect for.  If you get the gig, they’ll decide for you.

— Finally, according to New Zealand law, local people must be hired before overseas fanboys and girls.  In other words you need to have a NZ tax number and be able to legally work in the country if you are going to apply.   Also, you must be available for the entire shoot.

So if you meet the requirements….

Hobbit Extras Application
3 Foot 7 Limited
PO Box 15104
Wellington 6243

Guess it is time to start working on that working-visa application.  For more on when The Hobbit might be filming, watch Steve’s interview with Peter Jackson.


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