Michael Brandt and Derek Haas Return to Write WANTED 2

     September 27, 2011


I thought I could rest easy knowing an unncessary sequel to 2008’s Wanted was pretty much dead.  Turns out I’m in for some sleepless nights.  The Wrap has confirmed a tweet from screenwriter Derek Haas than he and his writing partner Michael Brandt will return to pen the script for Wanted 2Wanted co-writer Chris Morgan (Fast Five) wasn’t mentioned so presumably he’s currently out on this one although it’s possible he could be brought in down the road.  Additionally, it’s unknown whether Timur Bekmambetov will return to direct.

The new movie is “going to take off after the events of what just happened,” says Haas. “Pick up Wesley a few years later and go back in for another round.”  Putting aside the fact that taking off after the events of what just happened is the standard definition of a sequel, it’s noteworthy that Haas says they intend to bring back Wesley (James McAvoy) but makes no mention of Fox (Angelina Jolie).  You may recall that getting Jolie back was a major sticking point in getting the sequel off the ground but she dropped out to do Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity (which she also dropped out of).  No word if they plan to recast the role or simply bring in a new love-interest.  My guess would be the latter since it’s a difficult plot move to bring back the character in the first place.

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